Entrex provides inspection services for pre-design site visits, for quality control during construction operations, and for project permit closeout following construction. Inspections can be provided as an all-inclusive design and construction management service or as a stand alone third party inspection service for work conducted by others.

Entrex’s engineers have expertise in both conventional construction site inspections as well as the specialty of fall-protected inspections. Fall-protected inspections included the inspection of structures such as guy cable supported towers, monopoles, water tanks, church steeples, and rooftops.

Entrex’s climbing engineers are trained and equipped to safely access and inspect facilities requiring OSHA mandated fall protection. From inspecting newly mounted antennas on public buildings to conducting personal radio frequency exposure monitoring, Entrex can provide unique inspection services that are difficult to find. Entrex provides the following inspection and mapping services:

Tower Structure Mapping

Tower Antenna and Line Inventory

Tower Maintenance Inspection

Third Party Engineering Inspection

Critical Structures Inspection