Entrex provides comprehensive engineering design services for the development of construction documents (drawings and specifications) for communication facilities, including wireless cellular communication sites, telephone switches, and television broadcast facilities. Engineering design services include the following:

Site Plans
Utility & Access Easement Plats
Lease Exhibits
Zoning Drawings
Construction Drawings
Structural Analysis for Buildings, Towers, Water Tanks, and other structures
Tower Mapping
Building Structural Mapping
Tower Upgrade / Reinforcing Design
Renderings, Photo Simulations & Balloon Tests
Stealth Site Design
Tower Foundation Design / Reinforcing
Broadcast Tower Analysis & Upgrade

Entrex also provides specialized structural engineering services to analyze, design and reinforce tower structures for the broadcast and the wireless cellular communication industries.

Entrex in-house staff includes civil engineers, structural engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and land surveyors. Entrex utilizes specialty sub-consultants for geotechnical and environmental engineering services.